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  • Wild Blueberry Jam
  • Wild Blueberry Jam

Wild Blueberry Jam

$ 6.00

This gourmet artisan jam is packed with the finest flavors of hand picked Wild Vermont Blueberries. Sweetened with pure cane sugar there are no added preservatives or artificial flavoring and each bite has just the right amount of lip-puckering sweetness. The consistency is perfect for spreading lightly on toast or topped on a piece of cheese and the blueberry taste is so fresh it’s as if they were plucked straight from the bush and into the jar.

    Brattleboro, Vermont
  • Artisan:
    SideHill Farm
  • Made OF:
    Wild Blueberries, Pure Can Sugar, Lemon Juice
  • SIZE:
    9 oz

This jam was long gone before I had a chance to use it on everything I had planned to use it on. My spoon was the first victim of this sweet, juicy and delicious jam. I realized I had almost gone through the whole jar before putting it on anything and I feared being able to make a proper assessment, since jam should be paired with something besides silverware. But, there was enough to scrape off the inside to add it some to a piece of toasted rye bread with some goat cheese and it was the BEST. I don’t love store bought jam because it’s always too sweet and preservative-y tasting for me. At a diner I will usually stick to butter than table jam for my toast – but this handmade blueberry is good old fashioned jam that should be sitting on top of a window-sill pie somewhere in the South - or in Vermont, since that’s where it’s made - or on a homemade biscuit in my kitchen, preferably.



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