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  • Vanilla Rose Ceylon Tea

Vanilla Rose Ceylon Tea

$ 10.00

These beautiful handcrafted tea bags are made with vanilla beans, rose petals and fine Ceylon Tea to create a cozy and floral aroma. With a steep time of four minutes,covered, in water temperature between 185 and 205°F, you get a bright and uplifting cup of blossoming tea. It is perfect for an early morning or afternoon delight and even better when accompanied with a biscotti or a light scone.

"A floral and calming delight"
    Bellingham, WA
  • Artisan:
    Flying Bird Botanicals
  • Made OF:
    Fairly Traded Organic Ceylon Tea Leaves, Organic Vanilla Bean, Organic Rose Petals.
  • SIZE:
    1.17 oz

I love love love tea and this Vanilla Rose tea in particular has become one of my favorites. For one, it's gorgeous. It comes in these super cute tin cans that I leave out on my counter instead of shoving it in my pantry because it makes me happy when I walk into my kitchen and see it. The picture of the red rose on the front of the tin reminds me of Spring and puts a smile on my face. And the beauty keeps going: the individual and delicately packaged tea bags are transparent so you can see the bright and elegant petals inside. ItÕs very calming to have such a lovely-looking cup of tea and it makes the whole drinking experience that much more relaxing. The flowery taste itself is also incredibly warm and tranquil and is perfect for one of those busy days when you just need to sit down with a nice cup of tea and unwind.




The folks at Flying Bird Botanicals are very passionate about plants, the notions of healing and for a good old-fashioned cup of calming tea.  They work with farms close to their home in the Pacific Northwest and are dedicated to making artisan teas that serve both flavor and healthful nourishment. They have built solid and meaningful relationships with the organic farmers in their region, which is a large part running their solid artisan company. They have personalized their teas by labeling their lovely airtight recycled tins with hand drawn illustrations. Flying Bird stays true to the beauty of tea in both the way it looks the way it tastes and the wonderfully calming way that it makes us feel.

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