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Tropical Tea

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This all-natural instant tea powder is a delicious new way to enjoy a refreshing tropical drink without clogging our Earth’s landfills. In a recyclable aluminum shaker bottle that holds 60 servings of tea, simply add your desired amount of tea powder to hot or cold water giving you a calming cup of hot or iced tea. Made with antioxidant matcha powder, this tropical tea is as healthy as it is delicious.

    Chicago, IL
  • Artisan:
    10th Avenue Tea
  • Made OF:
    Green Tea Powder, Natural Mango, Kiwi, & Peach Flavors, Japanese Matcha Tea Powder
  • SIZE:

I love so many things about this tea I’m not sure where to begin. For starters, the convenience factor plus the eco-friendly elements are a huge plus for this product. I will shamefully admit that I have been a Keurig person for a long time but after I found and tested the 10th Avenue Tea I can’t throw away a tea pod without feeling like I’m further contributing to the demise of our planet. But this product makes it refreshing to put away the Keurig for good in both action and in taste. The little recyclable bottles are so charming and you can reuse them for anything – coffee, water, soda, more tea… and they’re the perfect size for traveling or sticking in your purse or pocket when you’re on the go. It’s also an unassumingly versatile product and can be used for more than just teas. I love that you can make cookies with it or use it as a sweet seasoning over oatmeal or pastries!




Ann Foley and Morgan Walsh are two moms taking the tea world by storm and they’re doing so with a purpose. Disturbed by the massive waste problem and clogged landfills the ever-so popular Keurig cups have caused, Ann and Morgan have created an innovative (and delicious) way to enjoy a refreshing drink without wreaking more havoc on our beloved planet. With a vision to invent a recyclable, eco-friendly (and adorable) aluminum tea shaker bottle they have had to jump through many hurdles to maintain their purpose. Many companies advised them along the way to switch to plastic bottles but they stayed true to their vision. They ultimately hand-filled their first set of 450 reusable bottles in the living room of Ann’s 10th Avenue Chicago home – with a little help from their friends, Grandma, and even their kids – where their business, 10th Avenue Tea, was born. They have many exciting plans for the future where they intend to expand their line to hot chocolate and lemonade, amongst other fun drinks, and they hope to revolutionize the way the world looks at tea while helping to save our environment one sip at a time. 

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