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  • Traditional Goat's Milk Caramel

Traditional Goat's Milk Caramel

$ 6.00

Based on the Mexican confection cajeta this rich and velvety goats milk caramel is hand stirred in small batches for up to five hours in traditional copper kettles. Infused with straight Kentucky bourbon and organic sea salt to enhance the smooth and complex flavors of the caramel, this sauce is mildly sweet and simply irresistible. Amazing drizzled over vanilla ice cream, over fresh fruit, or straight off the spoon.

    Brookfield, VT
  • Artisan:
    Fat Toad
  • Made OF:
    Fresh Goat’s Milk, Organic Cane Sugar, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Organic Sea Salt, Corn Starch, Baking Soda.
  • SIZE:
    2.0 oz

Alright all you boozers, you’re going to have to hit the bar to get your buzz on because while the Kentucky bourbon adds a complex spice to the sauce it’s very minimal and won’t get you drunk. It will, however, intoxicate your taste buds. Fat Toad Farm (love the name) pays homage to the Mexican confection cajeta with their caramel base. If you haven’t had cajeta, it’s traditional thick syrup sweetened with goat’s milk and used as a topping or filling for breads and pastries. And it’s DELICIOUS. But, not as delicious as this rich and creamy salted caramel sauce, that will dance right off of the spoon and into your mouth. The Fat Toad Farmer’s will milk their herd of goats twice a day every day to ensure their caramel sauces are always made with the freshest and sweetest milk. And it shows.




You can catch the beautiful place where all the milk happens on a winding dirt road through the beautiful rolling hills of Central Vermont. Founders of Fat Toad Farm Steve Reid, Judith Irving and Calley Hastings started out by milking a French Alpine goat, Jupiter, in their garage. Jupiter’s sweet milk led to Fat Toad Farm’s journey of sourcing their milk solely from goats. And the rest is history. Eight years later they were milking Jupiter’s daughter, Artemis, and running an award winning company where they continue today to produce the highest-quality caramel sauces for the world to enjoy. They continue to grow and from the taste of their sauces they have a bright future ahead. Who knows, maybe they will find themselves milking Jupiter’s great granddaughter one day to keep the Fat Toad Farm legacy alive. 

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