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  • Sweet and Spicy Lemongrass Coconut Chips
  • Sweet and Spicy Lemongrass Coconut Chips

Sweet and Spicy Lemongrass Coconut Chips

$ 3.00

These crunchy, sweet and spicy coconut chips are made with fresh creamy coconut meat that is harvested at the peak of their taste. The lemongrass and chili powder flakes round out the sweet nectar flavors of the coconut delivering a little kick to the crunch. They have loads of health benefits, including high fiber, low sodium and fatty acids that promote heart-health and good cholesterol. Great as a topping or straight from the bag!

    Norcross, GA
  • Artisan:
    Got Snacks?
  • Made OF:
    Coconut Meat, Coconut Nectar, Sea Salt, Lemongrass Flakes, Chili Powder
  • SIZE:
    Size: 1.43oz

This is the founders favorite flavor of her chips, and also mine! Lemongrass is one of those flavors that you don’t see in snacks very often, which is one of the many reasons why these coconut chips could become my new obsession. Lemongrass has a hint of ginger and citrus to it and mixed with the sweet flavors of fruity coconut and chili flakes you really get that satisfying blend of sweet and spicy. None of the flavors are overwhelming so each little crunch has a well-rounded bite that lingers but still leaves you wanting more. Another plus? They’re healthy! They’re baked, free of cholesterol, gluten and preservatives! They’re perfect for diving in and munching on right from the bag but they’re also fun to get creative with. Our kitchen staff made a delicious dish by drenching shrimp in crunched up coconut chips before frying them to make a tropical golden brown coconut shrimp entrée. It’s also terrific sprinkled over creamy Thai soup for a nourishing bowl of Tom Kah Gai. The kitchen has no boundaries and neither do these coconut chips!




Patta Francis grew up in Thailand where her family traditions were cultivated around the kitchen. They would prepare meals together, commonly including coconut, which accelerated Patta’s passion and love for culinary expression. As a self-proclaimed “snacker,” Patta decided to turn her favorite childhood delight into a healthy treat that snackers like her could eat without abandon. The Sweet & Spicy Lemongrass is her favorite flavor to munch on for lunch and to sprinkle on fish for dinner. The greatest joy she gets from her job is hearing that people love her snacks as much as she does!

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