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  • Speculoos Cookies

Speculoos Cookies

$ 10.00

The most popular cookie in Belgium, this crunchy treat gets its distinguishable taste from an aromatic blend of nine spices, including cinnamon, cloves, pepper and cardamom. Traditional to 17th and 18th century, when Speculoos cookies were cut into shapes that reflected the popular trends, these cookies are carved into shapes that reflect memories of the artisan. The sweet and woody tastes align perfectly with a warm cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

    Berkeley, CA
  • Artisan:
    Little Belgians
  • Made OF:
    organic unbleached flour, organic dark brown sugar, organic unsalted butter (sweet cream, culture), organic eggs, organic spices, baking soda, salt.
  • SIZE:
    4.8 oz

Cookies! With shapes! For adults! Speculoos cookies are famous in Belgium where it’s customary to get a little cookie on the side when you order a cup of tea or coffee from anywhere. Should we move there? Well maybe, but we don’t have to because we can enjoy the crunch of Belgium next to our own coffee plate and in the comfort of our own kitchen. The deeply aromatic and smooth taste is a major plus for these unique cookies but what I love most is the history they carry with them. Back in the day – like way way 17th century back - the cookies were carved into the shape of St. Nicholas. By tradition in Belgium, children would put their shoes by the chimney before going to sleep and the good kids would be rewarded with speculoos cookies while the naughty kids were threatened to be stuffed in a sack and sent to Spain by St. Nicholas’ helper. Sounds like a demented version of Christmas to me, but I’m from LA where everything is demented. Evy from Little Belgians kept the speculoos tradition alive by carving her cookies into things that reminded her of being a kid. The umbrella shapes represent rainy afternoons, the bird shape refers to pigeon racing (a Belgian national sport) and the house shape is carved into Evy’s favorite Belgian city, Ghent. Every cookie is like eating a little taste of what makes the artisan happy in her life. If I had cookies carved into the things that make me happy they would all be in the shape of wine glasses. But pigeon shape is good, too.




When Evy Ballegeer first moved to the United States from her hometown in Belgium, she was a correspondent for a newspaper and was writing about start up companies and entrepreneurs, until one day she decided to stop writing about other people’s dreams and start living her own. Evy entered culinary school in San Francisco where, following her graduation, she created a cookie recipe that would become a delightful company called “Little Belgians.” The first year and a half Evy did everything herself – packing, labeling, marketing and even driving her orders down to her first customers! A team in Chicago now handles her sales but she is still cooking and baking, packaging and shipping every day. Although she loves her job, she still faces the challenges that many small businesses are confronted with. She once read some good advice by a fellow business owner that said, “We all face problems every day. We just have to make sure they’re new problems.” This quote has always stuck with her.

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