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  • Smoked Pepper

Smoked Pepper

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Bourbon Smoked Pepper has a biting and snappy flavor to it, with nuances of light citrus and pine. The slow smoking process allows for hints of oak and lingering smoky tastes at the finish, inspired by good old-fashioned Kentucky Bourbon. With a ton more flavor than regular table pepper, the bourbon smoked gives you that extra robust kick you want from a good pepper.

    Louisville, Kentucky
  • Artisan:
    Bourbon Barrel Foods
  • Made OF:
    Cracked Malabar Pepper
  • SIZE:
    2.0 oz

I consider myself a savory savant so pepper is a crucial spice in my life. I put it on absolutely everything, including things that it shouldn’t be on – like watermelon and ice cream. I believe it makes everything better and this particular pepper makes actual pepper better. It doesn’t taste like the regular common ones you find on the tabletops of restaurants and the very slight citrus-y flavor makes it super unique and delicious. I also love the remnants of smoke flavor it has, it adds a real nice bite to whatever I’m seasoning it with (everything). I’m a huge fan and my pallet is very pleased I have this pepper in my pantry!




For founder Matt Jamie, Bourbon Barrel Foods began over beer and oysters, when he discovered that “no one was micro-brewing soy sauce in the US”, so when he moved back to Kentucky from Florida he began to brew his own soy sauce in his basement. When walking through a grocery store in Kentucky he discovered a chardonnay smoked sea salt and figured he lived in a bourbon country, why not bourbon smoked salt? From that light bulb idea came a warehouse of employees, including Matt’s father and best friend, where they manifested their creations of bourbon barrel soy sauces and spices. Matt attests the biggest reward of his success to his kids being proud of his accomplishments.

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