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  • Signature Blend BBQ Rub
  • Signature Blend BBQ Rub
  • Signature Blend BBQ Rub

Signature Blend BBQ Rub

$ 10.00

This signature blend of handmade spices is a rich fusion of flavors that resonate with traditional Kansas City barbecue. The sweetness of the sugar gracefully blended with savory spices such as paprika, garlic and onion make this a unique rub and a mouth-watering addition to any type of meat. An intriguing and versatile rub, it’s perfect for pulled pork, robust on ribs and bold BBQ bliss on chicken.

    Ulster Park, NY
  • Artisan:
    H&K Gourmet
  • Made OF:
    Brown Sugar, Turbinado, Salt, Paprika, Cumin, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Red Pepper, White Pepper
  • SIZE:
    6 oz

Having a barbecue, going to a barbecue, and eating barbecue are truly some of the greatest treasures about being alive when you have a great affinity for food. Having had the fortunate opportunity to explore Kansas City and eat at the endless (and sublime) authentic barbecue joints they are known for, it’s been quite the feat to find a taste that matches those exquisite and classic flavors. After looking high and low for an ingredient to make a mock KC BBQ I finally stumbled upon this signature rub made by two buddies from where else but Kansas City itself. Once we got the rub in our hands our kitchen staff made the juiciest and tastiest pulled pork sandwiches I have had to date. I felt like I was right back at that KC hole in the wall eating like kings with all the natives. I wasn’t surprised our meal turned out that delicious because when I first opened the jar of spices, the fresh aroma that wafted out of the jar was breathtaking and a barbecue lovers dream come true. I later took the advise of one of the artisans, Hogan, who’s favorite application of his rub is to sprinkle it over a sunny side up egg on a toasted English muffin and, in short, the artisan is always right.




“H&K” are the initials of lifelong friends Hogan and Kyler, who named their company with the facetious notion that their BBQ rubs were a one-time thing and people wouldn’t be seeing any more in their future. But what H and K hadn’t thought through was that if you make something that tastes out of this world, you’re going to have to make more of it and more of it and more of it. 

Hogan and Kyler’s friendship was rooted in generations of family relationships, as their grandfathers first became friends in the 1950’s of Northern Kansas.  Hogan and Kyler were family friends all the way up until high school, where they became friends on their own volition and not just because their parents brought them to each other’s houses. During that time, Hogan got a job working for a family friend in catering, where they cooked some of the best pulled pork sandwiches Hogan had ever tasted. It was when Kyler jumped on board with the catering job where two old friends decided to make the small batch bbq spices in bulk as a hobby. When they sold over 120 bottles of rub on a whim at their high school graduation party, they thought maybe they had something more with this rub than just a hobby. But when reality set in that it was time to go to college and start a career, they left their rub behind.

After college, people were still inquiring about that amazing rub Hogan and Kyler had at their graduation party. Since they had educations in both entrepreneurship and cooking, they thought they might take a chance on the rub that people kept pestering them about. Although still both working day jobs, Hogan and Kyler are devoted to the success of their company and enjoy being able to work side by side with their best friend. They have also recruited their buddy Nick who has become the “creative engine behind the future of H &K.” And I think our future is in store for a delicious treat. 

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