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  • Sea Salt Split Peas

Sea Salt Split Peas

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These tiny little pearl-like peas are packed with protein and exploding with flavor. They have been split, dried, roasted and dabbed with the perfect amount of sea salt to satisfy a savory craving without overdoing it. With all the energy-boosting amino acids and the high levels of protein they work wonderfully as an on-the-go snack or as a healthy treat any time of the day.

“A crunchy, healthful and tasty tribute to the humble legume.”




The guys at North River Dry Goods tribute the mighty Hudson River as the inspiration for their “revival of simple snack foods.” They wanted to create a snack with only a few high quality ingredients while maintaining high quality taste! Their biggest hurdle is trying to get people interested in snacking on a split pea but their greatest success has been when people do try it, they love it and want some more. They believe the split pea is a wonderful crop and great for the Earth and are thrilled to see people enjoying it as much as they do.

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