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  • Salmon Chemisé
  • Salmon Chemisé
  • Salmon Chemisé

Salmon Chemisé

$ 7.00

An ambrosial blend of aromatic herbs and spices, this Salmon Chemisé is an exceptional barrage of flavor and makes for a fantastic addition to any seafood dish. Obviously superb on salmon don’t be set short or limited by the title. It’s terrific for all shellfish, shrimp, crab, scallops and clams. It can also work well as a seasoning for roast chicken, soups, stir-fry’s and plenty other recipes that need a little extra seasoning.

    Seattle, WA
  • Artisan:
    Two Snooty Chefs
  • Made OF:
    Paprika, Kosher Salt, Garlic, Onion, Herbs, Spices and Honey Granules
  • SIZE:
    1.75 oz

To start with, the packaging of spices in this adorable salmon colored tin makes me smile every time I approach the little spice station in my kitchen. It stands out amongst some pretty boring pepper shakers and sea salt jars so it always catches my eye. Which is great because I have been finding myself using it on everything as of late. I am not a giant fan of salmon so take my word for it that this blend is not just for that fish. I’m sure it’s amazing on salmon – you can let me know – but it’s absolutely superb on everything I have tried it on. I cooked a pot of Jumbalaya the other night and sprinkled some Chemisé in it before slow cooking and it added a ton a flavor. I also made a clam dip recipe that has been in my family for years but I sprinkled some of these spices in place of salt and pepper and it took it to a whole new level. Now I can justify the lie when I tell people that the recipe is mine. You can also check out recipes from Gary Fuller’s cookbook “Cooking with Two Snooty Chefs” – where you’ll find a recipe for Chemisé louis topping for fish, which our kitchen team made (on our website) and loved. And you’ll also find a savory salmon Chemisé cheesecake – which I’m sure is good but you can let me know about that one, too…




Chef meets Chef, Chef partners up with Chef, Chef and Chef make delicious spices and launches a company in Seattle, WA called “Two Snooty Chefs.” Happily ever after? It is for those of us who get to experience the joy of cooking with their spices. Chef and Chef are Gary Fuller and Chris Plemmons who exhibit some serious culinary talent. Both Fuller and Plemmons have incredible backgrounds in cooking and earned their degrees at acclaimed culinary schools. They give back to culinary education programs by teaching their craft to eager chefs in the making and they spend time donating to various charities. For some reason, snooty seems like the wrong word to describe them….

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