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  • Rose Water

Rose Water

$ 10.00

This beautiful bottle of Rose Water is a concentrate of rose petals and has a sweet and fragrant flavor. The notes of delicate floral nuances allow a delicious way to elevate the levels of sweetness in cookies, teas, and various baked goods. It works wonderfully in Mediterranean and Greek Foods and, in addition, adds a fresh subtlety to pastries, creams, and even fruits and cheeses.

“A gorgeous bottle for both decorating and baking”
    Waukegan, IL
  • Artisan:
    Nielsen Massey
    2009 Silver Finalist for "Sofi Awards", 2010 Silver Finalist for "Sofi Awards", 2011 Silver Finalist for "Sofi Awards"
  • Made OF:
    Propylene Glycol, 40% Alcohol, Rose Oil, Natural Flavors
  • SIZE:
    2 oz

What first caught my eye about this Rose Water was how beautiful the bottle is. It looks like a little home good's decorative knick-knack from that adorable store we all love, "Anthropology." It's very perky and floral and dainty looking and brightens up any room in the house - it's in my kitchen so I don't forget to use it. And then, of course, there is the quality of taste. I have attempted to make rose water many times myself and it's always a bust. It's either tastes too much like eating a flower, or it's not floral enough and just tastes like dirty water, or I just give up half way in because it's too much effort. I love having this Rose Water on hand because it further adorablizes my kitchen and also adds a perfect level of sweetness to my baking and to my morning tea. Free Advice: It is concentrated so I would advise pouring in just a little it of a time as to not over-do it. I've made this mistake before with several rose waters and you don't want your cookies to taste like a garden. Or maybe you do. I don't.



In 1907, Richard Massey and his eventual partner Charles Nielsen founded the business Nielsen-Massey, originally specializing in making and selling fine vanilla.  The company has remained a family-owned business and is currently being run by three generations of Nielsen’s: Craig, Matt and Beth! Having grown up alongside the company they spent their childhood and adult life learning the methods it takes to create and produce perfect tastes and flavors and how to receive the best results in recipes. Their dedication to quality is what makes their products shine so special and so yummy.

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