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  • Southern Original Hot Sauce
  • Southern Original Hot Sauce

Southern Original Hot Sauce

$ 8.00

Red Clay Hot Sauce is a handcrafted and all natural southern-style hot sauce that you will want to use for more than just a few dabs. Aged in bourbon barrels, the sauce gives off a savory and fiery flavor with a well-rounded heat at the finish. With subtle aromatic hints of vanilla and oak and the nuances of chili peppers and vinegar this hot sauce has harmonious combinations with southern flavors and is terrific on anything you want to add a little fire to.

    Charleston, SC
  • Artisan:
    Red Clay Southern Hot Sauce
  • Made OF:
    Fresno Chilli Peppers, White Wine Vinegar, Filtered Water, Kosher Salt, Xanthan Gum
  • SIZE:
    5 oz

I started putting Tabasco in my cheerios and on my grapes when I was a kid and despite the valiant attempts of my mother to try and make me stop, I never did. I have been a loyal friend to Tabasco for virtually my entire life but since the commencement of the hot sauce craze that launched some time ago there are so many flavors to choose from that hot sauce is becoming a parody of itself. There’s bacon hot sauce and blow your pants off hot sauce and infused with everything on the planet hot sauce, etc… so it’s become hard to dive into a new favorite. That is until I tried this one. There is a reason the South has some of the best food in the country and it’s because they love food, they appreciate food, they take their time with food. This hot sauce makes me want to jump on a plane to South Carolina and pour a bucket of it onto a plate of Fried Chicken or Creamy Grits. It’s simplicity, much like the south itself, brings you right back to the roots of hot sauce and how it should taste and what it’s used for – to make things that are already good just a little bit better and to actually have a flavor and not just a burn. It’s simple and true and beyond flavorful and now I have to remove my favorite lip gloss from my purse to make room in it for this guy.




Geoff Rhyne came up for his idea for his southern hot sauce while he was chef de cuisine at “The Ordinary” in South Carolina. When asked to build ingredients for the restaurants pantry, he began teetering, testing and dabbling with a bunch of different peppers for hot sauce. He found that Fresno peppers had the best flavor and began making handmade batches of Southern Style hot sauce. When patrons began stealing them off the tables and taking off with them, Geoff knew he had created something special. From that notion, Red Clay Hot Sauce was born. It’s the only hot sauce made in bourbon barrels and has all the tastes of the south in each bottle. Geoff invites everyone to “share with a friend, but please don’t steal.”

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