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  • Strawberry Ancho Preserve
  • Strawberry Ancho Preserve

Strawberry Ancho Preserve

$ 9.00

Delectable juicy strawberries fused with premium ancho and habanero peppers makes this fruity, sweet and spicy spread the perfect preserve. The mild piquancy from the peppers gives this unique preserve an elegant edge and a lushly fragrant aroma. The humble and wholesome ingredients are gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO, completely all natural and exceptionally delicious. Immaculate when matched with bleu cheese and a terrific topping for cheesecake and other desserts.

    Denver, Co
  • Artisan:
  • Made OF:
    Strawberries, Pure Cane Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Ancho Chile, Non-GMO Fruit Pectin, Sicilian Lemon Juice, Habanero Chile
  • SIZE:
    9 oz

This is not your average run-of the-mill jam. In fact, it’s not even jam. It’s preserves with fresh fruit and peppers made in small-batches with extra love and precision. The artisan doesn’t use a specific formula for each batch so you get something a little different with each jar, which is both fascinating and exciting and truly artisanal. The addition of peppers is what makes these preserves truly unique. Ancho peppers on their own have a sweet and almost raisin-like flavor which adds an interesting level of natural sweetness and a little bit of heat when added to the fresh strawberries. I don’t particularly love anything that is exceedingly sweet, particularly with jam or preserves because I think it takes away from the core flavor. Fusing the preserves with the peppers gives the taste that extra kick that really separates it from otherwise ordinary ones. We at Eat Feed Love made a gorgeous jicama summer salad dressing with it and with the abundance of flavor it’s a very versatile product. You can top it on mini-cheesecakes, pair it with fancy cheeses or class up your bleu cheese burger with it, amongst dozens of other tasty options. Even the packaging is stellar. A little elegant glass jar wrapped meticulously with a classy label. It’s something you won’t want to hide in your pantry and will want to put on the top shelf of your fridge so it stands out when you open it. It’s a preserve with personality, to say the least.




Victor grew up in a Greek/Armenian household where food was the star of the show. It was the center of many gatherings, celebrations and parties and Victor’s mom was in the thick of it. You could always find her in the kitchen, cooking up a storm from morning to night, prepping and cooking and baking. As a way to keep an eye on her boisterous son Victor, whom she once said was like “raising four boys,” she took him on as her sous-chef. Being in the kitchen at the side of his mother had a great impact on Victor’s life, as it taught him the ins, outs and ultimate intrigues of the culinary world and he developed a passion he would carry with him well into adulthood where he became enraptured with food and a jam enthusiast. Always looking for the most delicious jam he could get his hands on, Victor discovered that fruit and pepper jams were unordinary and difficult to find. He began playing around with jam recipes and experimenting with peppers, solely for flavor not necessarily for heat. After a few years of exploring different recipes and styles, he mastered that perfect balance of sweet heat that shines in every flavor of his preserves. Primo is a small-run business and it allows Victor and his close staff to work meticulously and with great care for every batch of preserves they produce. Friends of the staff refer to their kitchen as “the lab” because they consider their recipes to be almost formulaic rather than recipes, as they taste, test, temp and treasure each bundle individually. Victor himself tastes every single batch before it’s jarred up and ready to go. It is a truly premium and unique company which accurately reflects the name of their company, “Primo.” The company is kindly attributed to Victor’s mom, who gave him that first life changing tour around the kitchen, and it’s her face that shines brightly as Primo’s logo.

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