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  • Cheese and Onion Crisps

Cheese and Onion Crisps

$ 6.00

These bite-sized baked multigrain snacks are exploding with cheesy, oniony and buttery flavors that bring with them an intense warning of addiction. The little crostini-style discs of joy are crunchy and thick and loaded with savory tastes that will dance on your tongue. Never fried or made with any artificial flavoring, they are a great alternative to oily potato chips and are everything you want snack time to be and more.

    Great Britain
  • Artisan:
    Market Fresh
  • Made OF:
    Wheat Flour, Sunflower Oil, Whole Grains, Seasoning, Vegetable Oil, Sunflower Seeds, Sugar, Yeast, Salt, Poppyseeds, Antioxidant.
  • SIZE:
    Size: Four bags of 1.2 oz

When our team first tried the cheese and onion Hoots it became a game of grown up hide and seek. We would hide them from each other so we could have them all to ourselves, play tug of war when two of us found them out at the same time, and eat them off the floor when the bag split in half. Okay, we wouldn’t eat them off the floor because we have dignity but it was quite the display of hungry adults acting like spastic children. But that’s part of the fun of these snacks! They really are a hoot and they really are addicting and they can bring out the kid in anyone. The fact that they’re baked, have fiber, use all natural ingredients and have no MSG or preservatives is merely a plus since you very well might go through two bags in ten minutes.




With over 30 years experience in the food industry, Market Fresh came up with an exciting new multigrain snack they couldn’t wait to introduce to the world. When they partnered up with the web design company Rubber Cheese, the companies were faced with the challenge of presenting a brand that could shine amongst the oversaturated snack market. They wanted to fit in with the chips but wanted to also be known for their fun and healthier nature. After much brainstorming to find the slogan that would give their brand the unique identity they were looking for, they landed on the name “Hoots” and an exciting new crisp was born!

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