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  • Original Salted Caramels

Original Salted Caramels

$ 9.75

This buttery soft caramel is infused with Kentucky Bourbon, pure Vanilla Extract, and sprinkled with flakey Celtic Grey Salt. The smooth combination of salty and sweet is mouthwateringly delicious. Made with zero high fructose corn syrup, you can taste the nuances of natural sugar, making these delicious caramels the perfect treat to satisfy a sweet tooth.

“Creamy melt-in-your mouth Caramels”




Jerrod Smith came up with the idea of Shotwell Candy Co., while mulling over holiday gift ideas to get for his friends and family. After experimenting with tons of recipes and at least 12 different butters, he finally landed on a caramel he believed was perfection in both taste and texture. He was urged by those who believed in the caramels as much as he did to sell them for a living, which led to the launching of his very own business right out of his family kitchen. He named his company, “Shotwell,” after his great-grandfather L. Shotwell George, who operated a general goods store and was known by the family as “Grandpa Shot.” He says he remembers family members stealing caramel from the general store while Grandpa Shot would look the other way!
A family man indeed, Smith attests the great success of his company to the help of his family and close friends who were right there to help when the company first started to take off and gain ground with caramel and toffee lovers alike. They would throw “shipping parties” when there was an overload of orders and his friends would help wrap, package and ship out orders in exchange for some good food and drink Smith attests the beginning successes of the company to his blessed group of family and friends.

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