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  • Original Roasted Chickpeas

Original Roasted Chickpeas

$ 3.60

This dark roasted chickpea has a nutty and crisp flavor that makes for a delicious high fiber and clean snack. The specks of sea salt and splash of olive oil shine through the natural flavors of the legume and the slightly grainy texture is similar to soy nuts but with a nuttier and crunchier taste. It’s a great go-to for a healthy snack that doesn’t compromise flavor for nutrition.

    Bronx, NY
  • Artisan:
  • Made OF:
    Organic Chickpeas, Sea Salt, Organic Olive Oil
  • SIZE:
    2.0 oz

I grew up on garbanzo beans – which I guess people are calling chickpeas now – so I am overjoyed by the fact that roasted chickpeas seem to be gaining some popular ground in the foodie world. I have attempted to make my own roasted chickpeas in the past but to be perfectly honest it takes too much time. You have to peel them and soak them overnight and boil them and refrigerate them and bake them and by the time they are done I’m not hungry anymore because I’ve eaten everything else in my kitchen. So, naturally, I am ecstatic about these ready-to eat roasted chickpeas that are crunchy and salty and taste like tiny little nuggets of yummy. They’re full of fiber and protein, too, which is just an added bonus to that taste that really hits the spot.




When Linda Kim was introduced to a roasted chickpea after a hunger-inducing workout, she was hooked. Intrigued by the satisfying taste and discernable health benefits she began tweaking and experimenting with roasting chickpeas in her own kitchen. Her testing led to the creation of her company “Pulse Roasted Chickpeas,” where she and her team in the Bronx of New York work hard to make treats for the health-conscious and the capricious eaters who just want a good nibble. Linda’s greatest motivation is that her kids actually ask her for chickpeas as a snack. A success for any artisan and mother!

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