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  • Nectarine and Rosemary Jam

Nectarine and Rosemary Jam

$ 8.00

This incredibly unique and unconventional jam meshes together the fruity flavors of Nectarine and the floral herb flavor of fresh Rosemary. The fused flavors make for a terrific glaze for grilled chicken or poached salmon. The sweet and herby tastes beg to be paired with a smooth goat or cream cheese or simply spread onto a piece of toasted bread.

"A fruit and unique herb-like jam that makes a great partner for cheese"
    Lancaster, PA
  • Artisan:
    Christina Maser
    Winner of 2016 “Good Food Awards”
  • Made OF:
    nectarines, organic sugar, pectin, fresh rosemary, fresh lemon juice & zest
  • SIZE:
    8 oz

This jam is deceiving because when you twist open the little gold top and take a whiff, it doesn't smell the way I believe jam is supposed to smell. There is a bit of a bitter odor to it which confused me at first - but when I stuck my spoon in there and took my first bite, I was blown away by how different (and how much better) the taste was than the smell! The artisans really knew what they were doing here because the amount of Rosemary is perfectly blended with the fruity flavor of the Nectarine and there wasn't an overwhelming flavor on either end. It is absolutely delicious with soft cheese and our kitchen staff put together some amazing cream cheese turnovers with this jam! My favorite way to pair up this jam is with goat cheese and a rye crisp along a cup of nice hot tea and lemon.




Christina Maser began her company with one recipe for jam. That one recipe turned into a prolific pantry line where all of her products are handmade with only natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. In addition to jams she also has a vast line of top sellers such as Vinaigrettes, Mustards and Salt Rubs. Do to the demand she got from her pantry, she also stated a home product line where she sells candles, room sprays, lotions and soaps. Christina Maser has been extremely successful in her handcrafted pantry and home goods and has even won an award for her “Red Raspberry Shrub” flavor in 2016 from the prestigious “Good Food Awards.”

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