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  • Meyer Lemon Relish
  • Meyer Lemon Relish

Meyer Lemon Relish

$ 12.00

This lemony and tangy Indian-inspired relish will excite your taste buds and electrify your entrée. There is an authentic and fresh flavor to every bite, surpassing the ordinary taste of mainstream relish. The chili, curry and additional spices are reminiscent of Indian cuisine making it exquisite atop rice, yogurt and cucumber and a delicious topping to seafood and grilled vegetables. It can also be used as traditional relish for hot dogs, grilled chicken or any barbecued meat.

    Fremont, CA
  • Artisan:
    Akka's Handcrafted Foods
  • Made OF:
    Organic Meyer Lemon, Non-GMO Expeller Pressed 100% Pure Canola Oil, Red Chili, Salt, Mustard, Urad Dahl, Curry Leaf, Fenugreek, Spices
  • SIZE:
    8.6 oz
Akka’s Meyer Lemon Relish is not the typical relish you might grab at random from the grocery store – and that’s the true beauty of it. There are good relishes and just halfway decent ones but I still think most of them taste generally the same – like pickles mixed with mustard or ketchup. But this invigorating relish is something like I have never tasted. I feel like if I brought this jar to a barbecue I would probably be the most popular person at the party and being popular is really all that matters, right? No. Good, adventurous and wholesome food made with love is all that matters and that’s just what this relish is. The Indian pickle flavors and the nuances of curry and Indian spices make this a culinary masterpiece when combined or topped over yogurt, chicken and rice. It’s a terrific base for salad dressing and a great marinade for meat, especially if you puree it in a food processor with a little drizzle of olive oil. Our kitchen staff decided to use it the American way – spooned atop a Bratwurst on a bun with some mustard – and the tangy, pickly, and citrusy relish added the most unpredictable and exciting flavors to something I wasn’t sure would work well together or not. And it very much did! This relish really stands out in terms of flavor, quality and rarity and it makes for a really cool condiment for your cupboard.



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