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  • Lavender Infused Simple Syrup

Lavender Infused Simple Syrup

$ 14.00

This American Artisan lavender infused syrup is made with lavender flowers and exudes a fresh and floral aroma and taste. The lavender flavor is apparent but not overdone and the sweet and smooth sugary flavor of the syrup fuses gorgeously with the lavender. It's infused with fresh culinary flowers grown on the estate Matanzas Creek Winery in Santa Rosa and it's a luscious way to sweeten up teas,bread pudding, sorbets, cocktails, and sparkling water.

    Sonoma, CA
  • Artisan:
    Sonoma Syrup, Co.
    2010 Gold Award Winner of "Sofi Awards", 2011 Silver Award Winner of "Sofi Awards"
  • Made OF:
    Cane Sugar, Filtered Water, Lavender Flowers, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Vanilla Extract
  • SIZE:
    12.7 oz

I love everything Lavender, from the color to the taste to what it represents, all of it.Purple is the color of royalty so it's only natural to feel like a Princess or a Queen when handling something purple or, in the case of this delicious syrup, eating something purple. I definitely felt a little Princess Kate when sipping on the lavender lemonade I made with this. I lacked only her wardrobe. And that Prince. And the castle. But I had the syrup! It's actually one of the best tasting infused syrups I've tried. There is even a slight lemony aroma that jumps out of the bottle when you open it, making it seem lighter and fresher than most mainstream syrups. It's really amazing as a sugar substitute for tea or a sweet cocktail like a "Lavender Collins" with Gin. Refreshing! I also believe that anything that comes from Northern California's Wine Country is automatically delicious because, well, after all, it's where wine is made so they know what they're doing.




As most creative people will say, family was always a very big influence on Karin Campion, the founder and owner of the Sonoma Syrup Company. Growing up in Southern California, Campion was inspired by her mother’s artistic flare in the kitchen. She began making preserves and marmalade and ultimately made a Meyer Lemon flavor infused syrup for her son’s ice tea with the notion that people must be sick of having their sugar always sink to the bottom of their glass! Following the lemon flavor came several more flavors, which has led to some exciting successes for Campion, including an appearance on the “Today” show with Katie Couric. She now runs a company that provides pure and natural ingredients, all flavored syrups coming straight from her own kitchen garden.

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