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  • Hazelnut Raw Cacao Butter
  • Hazelnut Raw Cacao Butter
  • Hazelnut Raw Cacao Butter

Hazelnut Raw Cacao Butter

$ 13.00

Made with raw sprouted organic hazelnuts, dried cacao nibs from South America and sweet coconut sugar, this nut butter spread is creamy and rich and addicting. The nuts have been sprouted for 24 hours and then dehydrated before grinding and blending resulting in maximum mouth-watering hazelnut flavor. The coconut sugar is pulled from coconut tree flower blossoms making the nectar taste pure and sweet.

    Bend, OR
  • Artisan:
    Jem Nut Butters
  • Made OF:
    Raw Hazelnuts, Cacao Nibs, Coconut Sugar and Vanilla.
  • SIZE:
    6 oz

This nut butter is a-m- a-z- i-n- g. It’s a fun trip away from regular peanut butter and much more of a treat I think. I love that it’s made with coconut sugar because, apparently, it’s lower on the glycemic index so you’re not going to get a huge sugar rush/crash if you eat a ton of it (which you will, I guarantee). Inspired by something I saw on the artisan’s website, I made a charcuterie board with toasts and cheese and nut butter on top and the cheese flavors mixed with the hazelnut and coconut sugar were out of this world exquisite. You can do a ton of things with this nut butter – pour it over pancakes, mix it in with granola, use it as a dip for fresh strawberries, or, what I do: eat it right out of the jar with a spoon.




The three founders of the small artisan company “Jem Nut Butters” all contribute in
their own unique ways to the flourishing of their sweet business. Tim Moore’s
entrepreneurial ways help drive the company as he oversees unforeseen challenges.
With Jennifer Moore’s degree and knowledge in nutrition and physiology, she brings
the insight of healthy living and lifestyle to the company. Nick Rueth oversees the
Jem factory and his active lifestyle reflects the healthful direction Jem strives for. All
three founders have put their ambitions and passions together to bring to us the
most delicious nut butters Oregon has to offer!

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