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  • Gourmet Copper Pour Over Set
  • Gourmet Copper Pour Over Set

Gourmet Copper Pour Over Set

$ 284.00

We won't go so far as to say the Hario Pour-over coffee system will change lives, but it definitely will change kitchens!  This may be one of the most beautiful ways ever invented to enjoy high-quality coffee.  With its lustrous looks, and carefully constructed craftmanship, this is a set that will grace the recipients kitchen for many years to come.  This is truly a gift you will be proud to give, and which any coffee aficionado would be thrilled to receive!



Hario Copper Kettle – Designed and crafted in Japan, this kettle has been refined and tested to provide the ultimate in pouring control.  The interior is food-grade stainless steel, but the exterior is spectacularly clad in heat-resistant copper to make it incredibly lustrous and beautiful.  The long and slender spout is created to provide a customizable steady stream for pour-overs and the broad base makes it safely stable.  Hario has only recently become available in North America, and we're thrilled to be able to offer it on our site. 


Hario Range Server  – This carafe is designed to please, with a thick durable Japanese glass beehive design that optimizes freshness and functionality.  The glass lid with rubber stopper helps to ensure that your brew remains at the right temperature without losing taste to oxidization.  Dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.


Hario Copper Coffee Dripper – Hario products inspire fierce loyalty among the coffee fans who use them, and this dripper is the perfect illustration of why! It's immensely beautiful, with its  interior of food-grade stainless steel and the golden-toned  copperluster of the swirled exterior surface.  It also makes an amazing cup of coffee!




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