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  • Ginger Sesame BBQ Sauce
  • Ginger Sesame BBQ Sauce

Ginger Sesame BBQ Sauce

$ 7.50

This Asian-inspired Ginger Sesame is everything you could ever want in a BBQ Sauce. With it’s fresh ginger, toasted sesame seeds, brown sugar and fruity pineapple juice there is a beautiful balance between the sweet and the tangy. There are slight nuances of peppery spices that combine harmoniously with the pineapple and apple cider vinegar and the smooth blast of flavors will go great on anything from ribs to meatloaf.

    Philadelphia, PA
  • Artisan:
    Rock The Roll
  • Made OF:
    Tomato Concentrate, Worcestershire, Apple Cider Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice, Pineapple Juice, Soy Sauce, Onions, Pineapple, Chives, Ginger Root, Spices, Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil, Distilled Vinegar
  • SIZE:
    12 oz

There are one billion barbecue sauces on the planet. So, how does one make their sauce stand out from another when there are far too many to choose from? I don’t know, ask the guys from Rock the Roll because they seem to have the answer. BBQ sauce is not my favorite thing in the world because the ones I tend to use are from the grocery store, loaded with sugar and usually watered down. Now that I have tried the sesame ginger I am 100% on board with BBQ sauce. The ingredients taste so fresh that the first time I tasted the sauce it seemed like it was made in my kitchen only moments earlier. But it came all the way from Philadelphia from two old friends who like to have a little fun. It has the most exquisite blend of tangy, sweet, and bold and it leaves a lingering taste in your mouth that you’ll never want to end. Our kitchen staff made a killer pulled pork sandwich with this sauce and I am still savoring the melodic moment when I tried it. I should have eaten slower to make it last longer but the taste overpowered my self-control. Easy fix: I had three. If you’re feeling sassy and adventurous and excited about food, this is the BBQ sauce for you. Rock on!




When two kids from Philly, Brian and Russ, ran into each other in the halls of their high school, they noticed that they shared the same Deftones patch on their backpacks and, just like that, a lifelong friendship was born. After road tripping together throughout their high school and college years, Brian and Russ bonded over their love for music, barbecue and life. After working in several restaurants they decided to focus on what they were best at: making good music and cooking good food. They entered their first barbecue competition and won on the first try. When the high praise and demand for their barbecue sauce grew they began bottling it up and hosting several BBQ events where they would grill, chat about life, and sell their sauce.

Brian and Russ’s greatest pleasures are enjoying life over food. They speak fondly of tailgate parties, barbecues under canopies in the rain and backyard parties where they bond with family and friends as they share stories about life, good music and great food. Rock the Roll isn’t just a budding business for the two buddies, it’s a lifestyle. Rock the Roll is a reflection of their life and friendship and they hope their brand does for the world what it does for them - create new memories. 

When asked what he might tell to his younger Brian and Russ self, Russ proudly replied, “Don’t change anything. Keep rocking!”

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