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  • Dipping Fudge

Dipping Fudge

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This luscious and creamy dipping fudge is delicious decadence in a jar. This fudge is made with quality chocolate, cream and sugar and is so smooth you will want to finish off the jar with a spoon. A versatile dessert you can heat it up for fondue or for drizzling over ice cream. It’s perfect for dipping salty pretzels, strawberries or marshmallows into and it’s sure to become one of your favorite treats!

“Creamy Fudge for dipping, heating, or eating with a spoon”




Jeri Mesching is a teacher and homemaker who taught herself to cook by making
everything in her kitchen from scratch. In 1986, when her children were all grown
up, she embarked on a new venture that involved one her biggest passions, cooking.
She launched her specialty food company with one single item: her Sweet and Tangy
Mustard that started it all. The success of the delicious homemade mustard brought
the demand for more creative delicacies from Mesching and she went on to make
pretzels, dipping sauces and jellies! She now runs her company alongside her small
and dedicated staff, including her two grown children.

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