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  • Classic Red Sauce
  • Classic Red Sauce

Classic Red Sauce

$ 9.00

Blended with vine-ripened tomatoes, nutty olive oil, white onions and garlic, this scrumptious and savory sauce tastes just like home in a jar. Made with only the freshest ingredients this classic sauce is elegant, delectable and spiced to perfection.It’s a yummy companion to homemade pizza or pasta and can fancy up lasagna or simply smothered onto spaghetti. It takes classic to classy and has a smooth and comforting taste in each bite.

    New York, New York
  • Artisan:
    Jar Goods
  • Made OF:
    Tomatoes, Water, Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt Sugar, Basil, Black Pepper, Citric Acid
  • SIZE:
    16 oz

I don’t need noodles, pizza dough or meatballs when it comes to this sauce. All I need is a spoon. I hope there is a heaven for Jar Goods because that’s where the Classic Red is going. I am a non-Italian Italian food freak so marinara sauce is a pretty big part of my foodie life. Spaghetti plays a major role in my dinner rotations and on the days I am too tired and lazy to make my own sauce (all days) I mosey over the store and buy whatever sauce has the cutest label since I really don’t see much of a difference in flavor. They all taste kind of bland, watery, spiceless and unremarkable. They do the trick, sure, but life is short and sauce should be spectacular. And, spectacular is this here sauce. It’s creamy and thick and tastes like it has fresh tomatoes dancing inside the jar. I’ve used it a few different classic ways: dressed up on noodles and on a pizza crust, straight out of the jar with a spoon (do it, you won’t be disappointed) but my favorite was heating it up and dipping a grilled cheese sandwich into it! It’s so smooth and creamy it could almost pass as tomato soup! Last night I made chicken parm for my mom and I told her I made the sauce myself. It tastes so fresh and homemade that she completely believed me. I hope she’s not reading this.




The Story:
Laura Vitelli’s father, John Vitelli Sr., could whip up a mean pot of spaghetti sauce from scratch. It was so good, in fact, that he served it at the restaurant he owned and operated called “Jules Italian restaurant in New Jersey,” which was named after Laura’s Great Grandmother who came from Italy to first start the restaurant. Jules is also where Vitelli’s sauce became a fan favorite and gained a very loyal following. Years later, Laura teamed up with her sister-in- law Melissa where they decided to finally do what they had been telling John to do for years, which was to take his marinara masterpiece and bottle it up for the world to enjoy! They began making sauce in a church kitchen and soon graduated to premiering at Farmer’s Market’s and street fairs to finally making hungry people all over the country very happy campers. They attest the culinary brilliance of John’s original recipe and the perseverance of both Laura and Melissa for putting their handmade sauce into our homes.

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