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  • Classic Mustard

Classic Mustard

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For this classic version of Mustard and Co.’s innovative and decadent line of mustard’s, they have partnered up with Jacobsen Salt Co. to create a flavorful and unique take on classic brown-style mustard. There is a nice bite to it that resembles a horseradish flavor but it’s really just the zip from the raw organic mustard seeds. With minimal processing and an obvious attention to detail this mustard is clean and simple with a little bit of zest to boot.




Once upon a time a young kid from a small town in Wisconsin looked at a long list of ingredients on a bottle of fancy mustard and became intrigued enough to go home and whip up a batch of his own. This was Justin Hoffman, who began making mustard as a hobby until he met Bryan while working at a café in Seattle. Bryan was intrigued by Justin’s passion for mustard making and, eager to start his own business, suggested partnering up with Justin to be magical mustard makers. As a result, a good friendship and a mustard empire were made.

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