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  • Chemex and Filter Kit
  • Chemex and Filter Kit
  • Chemex and Filter Kit
  • Chemex and Filter Kit

Chemex and Filter Kit

$ 82.00

Chemex Classic 8 Cup Coffee Craft – Selected as one of the best-designed products of modern times by the Illinois Institute of Technology, this brewing system is as beautiful as it is functional.  Its all-glass construction means no alteration of the flavor of the bean, for an incredibly delicious cup of coffee, and the polished wood collar gives it a fantastic designer look on the counter.  The lucky recipient of this brewing system is sure to be very impressed!


Chemex Circle filter – Especially shaped for the Chemex brewing system, these filters are substantially more heavy and thick than supermarket brand filters.  This means that they filter out more sediment and unwanted oils, resulting in better coffee that is filtered for exactly the right amount of time to optimize the brew.



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