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  • Cascadian Wildberry Honey
  • Cascadian Wildberry Honey

Cascadian Wildberry Honey

$ 9.00

This smooth honey is bursting with fruit flavor. The balanced blend of berries and creamy honey makes for a peacefully sweet spreadable treat. Best Friends Honey picks their berries from local harvests in the Pacific Northwest making the fresh flavor unique, rich, and melodic. It will jazz up your morning toast or tea and makes for the perfect partner to waffles or any scone or pastry.

    Portland, OR
  • Artisan:
    Best Friends Honey
  • Made OF:
    Wildflower Honey, Blueberries, Huckleberries, Raspberries
  • SIZE:
    6 oz

There’s something very calming about honey and this Wild Cascadian in particular is pretty pleasing. The berries are really the shining ingredients here because it’s what separates the amateurs from the all-stars in the battle of the honeys. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the difference in taste with honey because for the most part, many of them taste a lot alike: just like honey. Best Friends local berry sourcing is likely what escalates the flavor to a new level of fruity and sweet and it’s so delectable you don’t even really need to put it on anything, it will just dance on your tongue all by itself. But of course, it’s also amazing when used as a topping or sweetener. My new favorite thing to do with this honey is to drizzle a bit over some hard cheese – like white cheddar or cured sheep milk – atop a crisp salted cracker. It makes for a deliciously light appetizer, especially when accompanied with a little bit of Vintage Port Wine. Tasty!




Best Friends Honey is run by the best kind of people: Friends. Ross and Jeremy met in college at San Luis Obispo at a campus radio station they both volunteered for. When they found themselves talking more about bees than about music they knew they had found a long-standing friend in each other. Then came a potluck, love at first sight for Jeremy and Mauria, a soon-to-be wedding, a circle of best friends and the plan for a booming bee company. The three “bee wrangles” started their first venture with a company called “The Humble Bumble,’ where they first dove into the learning process and experience of bee keeping, raising Queens and pulling out combs. The three best friends believe that their friendships add a level of creativity and excitement to their business partnerships, as they all bring their own personal styles and skills to the table. The friendships are the heart of the company and the drive is their mutual intrigue with bees or, as Jeremy refers to them as, “amazing creatures.” When he cracks open a hive and there are bees buzzing all around him, Jeremy gets a “sense of tranquility that is unmatchable… they are truly gentle creatures."

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