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  • Black Mission Fig Cake
  • Black Mission Fig Cake
  • Black Mission Fig Cake

Black Mission Fig Cake

$ 8.00

These sun-ripened and organic figs are mixed with chopped California almonds and pistachio nuts to create a crunchy texture and a lusciously sweet flavor. The nuts and fig seeds add a delightful crunch to the thick cake-like surface. Figs provide a multitude of vitamins, minerals and fiber, making these a healthy bite for a morning boost or late afternoon snack. Perfect with platters of charcuterie and cheeses or broken apart and sprinkled over oatmeal or ice cream.

    Sonoma, CA
  • Artisan:
    The Girl and The Fig
  • Made OF:
    Black Mission Figs, Pistachio Nuts, Almonds
  • SIZE:
    8 oz

The fig tree has been mentioned in the bible as a sign of peace and prosperity. And we at Eat Feed Love will mention here that these fig cakes are a sign that the GIRL and the FIG are a match made in heaven. I know some people who are put off by figs but I never quite understood it. They are juicy and sweet and the little crunch from the seeds add such a great texture that most fruits, dried or otherwise, don’t really have. These are great “cakes” to have on hand because they’re delightful to snack on but they’re also great for dazzling up an otherwise plain cup of yogurt or boring oatmeal. They are magnificent for appetizers when you’re hosting guests for a dinner or for happy hour. Placed on a platter of charcuterie and next to a mound of creamy goat cheese and a pile of candied almonds will make it so your guests never leave. Which, in that case, maybe just save them all for your self!




When Sondra Bernstein quietly opened her restaurant “The Girl & The Fig” in 1997, people began to slowly but surely discover the delicious and unique French foods that were coming from the kitchen. When she linked up with John Toulze, a chef native to Northern California, he left his career in hospitality at a winery to help Sondra run her restaurant. He worked as the sous chef and floor manager and made his way to Chef de Cuisine and, years later, the Executive Chef and managing partner.  With a mutual passion for food, Sondra and John now run “The Girl & The Fig” in the wine country of Sonoma, CA and have provided a favorite location for both locals and those visiting the area. Sondra has since written a coffee table and cookbook and John has received an award for “Rising Star Chef” in 2009.

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