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  • Baker's Spice
  • Baker's Spice

Baker's Spice

$ 6.25

An all-purpose baking spice, this is the perfect pantry item for the novice or fervent baker. With cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger this spice blend adds an elevated sweetness to traditional baking recipes like cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and delicate pastries. It will add an extra special touch to pumpkin pie and cake fillings and even works nicely as a sweet topping when sprinkled over savory popcorn.

    Brooklyn, NY
  • Artisan:
    Greenpoint Trading Company
  • Made OF:
    Ground Cinnamon, Ground Nutmeg, Ground Cloves, Ground Allspice & Ground Ginger
  • SIZE:
    7 oz

I love most things all-purpose for the obvious and simple reason that it works for everything, which makes life easier, which makes me happy. I myself am not an avid baker so this spice is the perfect partner to my pantry because it has everything I need to bake on a whim when I get in an every-now- and then baking mood and my sweet tooth runs rampant. For the sake of testing it out I got myself in the mood to bake and I whipped up the most gorgeous cinnamon bread by smothering it in the baking spices – in addition to some cinnamon on its own - and then topping it with a little butter once it cooled. The aroma coming from my oven was so intoxicating that I almost pulled a sleeping bag in there so I could fall asleep in it. I found a few other ways to use this spice without baking. If you’re a fan of tapioca pudding, which I have been since my Dad took me to Jerry’s Deli when I was kid, use these spices as a topping for that – it’s delicious and much healthier than dumping brown sugar all over it. It’s also great in oatmeal or cream of wheat and a small dash in your morning coffee is a nice little change up from sugar.




After a failed attempt at a t-shirt business, Kimmee Arndt and Evan Hoffman began
their next entrepreneurial venture as a couple by experimenting with spices. Evan,
already in the spice business, and Kimmee shared a mutual love for cooking. They
began blending spices and selling them in local farmer’s markets. Kimmee’s
personal favorite of her blends is “Blackbear”, named after her and Evan’s favorite
campsite in upstate New York. The couple that once stored their spices in the
hallway of their home now run their very own factory where they continue to bring
fun new blends to people’s pantry’s.

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