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  • Dried Porcini Mushrooms
  • Dried Porcini Mushrooms

Dried Porcini Mushrooms

$ 11.50

Pickled and dried in Northern California, these dried mushrooms are the perfect equivalent to having a pound of fresh mushrooms on hand whenever you need them. Once rehydrated you can add them to any dish to deliver the rich and pungent flavors of fresh porcini mushrooms. They can elevate the simplest dish into something elegant and extraordinary, especially when tossed into pasta or incorporated into creamy risotto.

    Napa, California
  • Artisan:
    Wine Forest
  • Made OF:
    Wild Porcini Mushrooms
  • SIZE:
    8 oz

My favorite things to cook will generally involve mushrooms. Mushroom risotto, mushroom soup, mushroom sauce, mushroom everything. My least favorite thing is when I have everything in the house that I need to cook except mushrooms. And if I have them, they’re usually kind of smelly or have hair growing on them (sorry, it’s true) because fresh mushrooms go bad far too fast. These dried porcini’s are the genius solution to a mushroom lovers problem. All you do is soak them in lukewarm water for about fifteen minutes and then strain them – I use a coffee filter - and they’ll be plumped right up and ready to rock. Our kitchen staff made an amazing Arancini Di Riso (deep fried mushroom rice balls of yumminess) and I could eat them all day every day forever. They’re also terrific in a simple cream of mushroom soup or scattered about on a plate of pasta with olive oil and garlic. My pantry will never be without these and neither should yours!




Connie Green grew up in Albany, GA where her Grandparents were farmers in a “swampy world.” Wild plants, berries, pigs and life were always a source of intrigue and mystery to her. So it makes sense she would one day become the head huntress/founder of a company that provides wild foods in America. A purveyor of wild foods and mushrooms, Connie says, “we are all descendants of successful hunter-gatherers who wandered in this natural garden. The intimacy we have with wild foraging places goes beyond just the solace of nature. These places can fill your belly as well as your heart, just as they did our ancestors.”  Connie is internationally recognized as the author of an award-winning cookbook, “The Wild Table,” and the leading supplier of mushrooms and sustainably harvested wild foods. Her company “Wine Forest” has received many accolades, including those from the Good Food and Sofi Awards. Her favorite thing to cook is wild mushrooms in garlic butter tossed in a grill basket over hot coals.

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