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  • Coffee Rub

Coffee Rub

$ 6.25

This smoky barbecue coffee rub is a full flavored blend with nuances of brown sugar, chili powder and paprika. There’s a bit of a zip from the onion and garlic and the hints of coffee grinds add a mild ashy flavor that fuses brilliantly with the other spices. It’s magical for smoking and barbecuing chicken and ribs but also goes splendidly on baked fish, potatoes, and even eggs.

    Brooklyn, NY
  • Artisan:
    Greenpoint Trading
  • Made OF:
    Dark Chili Powder, Brown Sugar, Paprika, Flake Salt, Garlic, Onion, Coffee Grounds, Black Pepper, Natural Spices
  • SIZE:
    3 oz

Coffee isn’t just for your cup anymore! It’s for your chicken, ribs, fish, and anything you might want to grill when you host that perfect summer barbecue. Don’t be dismayed by “coffee” in the title if you’re not a veracious coffee drinker. Coffee grounds are listed as the seventh ingredient, so there’s no fear your chicken will taste like you rubbed it into a pile of Folgers. Although it’s superb for anything you might want to barbecue, it’s a pretty versatile spice and will go well with most savory dishes. I was actually eating leftovers of a Mediterranean chicken sausage goulash thing I made for dinner when I was writing this and I decided to whimsically toss some coffee rub on it. I figured if it ended up being disgusting it would be a saving grace because I was already full but planned on eating until it was gone, naturally. My plan backfired because it was notably delicious, proving what a versatile spice this is (and that there’s nothing that can stop me from eating everything). This is a great rub to keep on the backburner for grilling and cooking and the very mild coffee flavor will wake up only your pallet.




After a failed attempt at a t-shirt business, Kimmee Arndt and Evan Hoffman began
their next entrepreneurial venture as a couple by experimenting with spices. Evan,
already in the spice business, and Kimmee shared a mutual love for cooking. They
began blending spices and selling them in local farmer’s markets. Kimmee’s
personal favorite of her blends is “Blackbear”, named after her and Evan’s favorite
campsite in upstate New York. The couple that once stored their spices in the
hallway of their home now run their very own factory where they continue to bring
fun new blends to people’s pantry’s.

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