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  • Honey Crème Blood Orange
  • Honey Crème Blood Orange
  • Honey Crème Blood Orange

Honey Crème Blood Orange

$ 10.00

With a pretty pink-like tinge and a spring of sweet flavors on the tongue, this blood orange version of honey crème is a true treat. The deep aromatic citrus scents lend a fresh feel and taste to this smooth spread and the combinations of citrus and sweet make for a lovely pair. Perfect for mixing into salad dressings for a surge of sweetness or for drizzling over toast and cheese or fresh fruit.

    Brush Prairie, WA
  • Artisan:
    Honey Ridge Farms
  • Made OF:
    Raw clover honey, blood orange, natural flavor
  • SIZE:
    9 oz

This honey crème has an unusually sweet and fresh taste that I wouldn’t generally expect from honey – which is what I love about it. The citrus flavors from the blood orange is what really separates it from your everyday run of the mill honey and it makes it more versatile and fun to experiment with. I am a grilled cheese sandwich fanatic and will use any excuse on the planet to make one – so testing out this blood orange crème honey seemed like just as good an excuse as any. Turns out my impulsive desires were right on target. I used blue cheese for mine (for those of you grossed out by blue cheese – I don’t understand you. And you can use cheddar if you must), and one bite in I was hooked. The harmony of flavors and the cheesy sweetness of the aftertaste was bliss between bread and I have successfully found yet another way to fancy up this childlike sandwich that we all love. For those of you don’t love a grilled cheese (I understand you less than the blue cheese people)this honey is fantastic drizzled onto a fresh fruit concoction. When tossed all together it tastes like a bowl of sweet juicy fruit goodness!




With five generations of beekeeping, you could say that Leanne Goetz, founder of Honey Ridge Farms, has beekeeping in her blood. Her great-grandfather was one of the earliest known commercial beekeepers in the states and her father used beekeeping as his main source of income during the Great Depression. Leanne herself is ironically allergic to bees so she become a processor and honey packer at the encouragement of her father. However, her three children are also beekeepers and to say it’s a family business and passion is quite the understatement. She is deeply proud of the accomplishments of her company and the loyalty of her family members and all of their happy customers. 

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