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  • Blue Cheese Jalapeno Puffs
  • Blue Cheese Jalapeno Puffs

Blue Cheese Jalapeno Puffs

$ 5.50

These light and handmade baked puffs combine all natural blue and cheddar cheeses with the mild heat of jalapeno peppers. Made without any genetically engineered ingredients, these healthy and bursting with flavor cheesy puffs are a snack you don’t want to be without. They are tangy and cheesy with a hint of spice at the finish have a lot more fiber than your average corn chip.

    Southampton, NY
  • Artisan:
    Fuller Foods
  • Made OF:
    Corn, Blue and Cheddar Cheese Blend, Safflower Oil, Jalapeno, Salt, Garlic
  • SIZE:
    3 oz

We love Jack Kuo from Fuller Foods for bringing us the only indie cheesy poof on the market. Out of all the flavors available, the blue cheese is definitely the most unique. There are many people in the world who find blue cheese to be too strong but the good news about these puffs are that the blue cheese flavors are pretty mild. When mixed with the cheddar and spices and jalapeno powder, the power of the blue gets knocked down a few notches. But, it’s definitely there and it’s definitely delicious. These puffs are incredibly addicting so it’s good that the bag is King Kong-style huge, so as to last a lot longer than a regular bag of chips. They are also incredibly light so you don’t feel like you’ve eaten a whole bag of them until they’re gone. And when they finally are gone, it’s wise to have a new bag on reserve, because you will likely want more and more and then some more.




Jack Kuo decided in 2014 that the world was ready for handcrafted Cheese Puffs that weren’t Cheetos. He began to demo his puffs at local grocery stores and farmers markets and after some major success and an award at a Food Pitch Competition, Kuo now has a “micro cheesy puffery,” a 1,000 sq. foot factory for his puffs. He has a long list of future flavors he plans on tweaking and ultimately introducing the world to! When asked to give advice to new food businesses, his response: “Be cheesy. I am cheesy and corny and it seemed to work well for me.”

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