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  • Emmer Farro Crackers
  • Emmer Farro Crackers
  • Emmer Farro Crackers

Emmer Farro Crackers

$ 7.50

These heritage grain hand-cultivated crackers are made with fresh flour and then stone milled in small batches to preserve the natural oils and nutrients. Made with stone ground Emmer Farro, there is an earthy and mild walnut-y flavor to the crisp and modest cracker. It pairs well with strong bleu cheese and a glass of sweet wine.

    Queen Creek, AZ
  • Artisan:
    Hayden Flour Mills
  • Made OF:
    Stone Ground Emmer Farro, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Salt
  • SIZE:
    6.6 oz

What I love most about the crackers crafted at Hayden Flour Mills is the pure simplicity of them. There are very few added ingredients so you can really taste the grains, which have a yummy flavor to them all on their own. I will note that if you’re wanting to snack on crackers and don’t have any cheese or peanut butter handy, you may want to save these crackers for when you do. While earthy and nutty flavors are delightful and all, the crackers are still a bit bland when flying solo. They really yearn for some strong cheeses or peppery jams to play with. I smeared some goat cheese on a cracker topped with a dollop of Primo’s Strawberry Ancho Preserves and it was a heavenly concoction. If you have the goods for a topping, I highly recommend putting them on these crackers.




Jeff Zimmerman is the founder and “idea guy” for this small but delightful company.
His daughter, Emma is considered the “brains of the operation,” balancing out her
dad’s creative nature with logistics and getting things done. Ben Butler is the
grinder and shifter of the team! Taylor Tomalchoff handles the books and her sister,
Caroline Sossman, takes care of all the orders. This adorable team would make
anyone want to pack up their bags and work alongside them at the mill! They take
the classic nostalgia of small family business and put that simple but delightful taste
into their food.

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