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  • Dreams Come Chew Candies
  • Dreams Come Chew Candies

Dreams Come Chew Candies

$ 12.00

Handmade in small batches, these fruity artisanal candies are a colorful bouquet of chewy, sweet and tropical treats. The individually wrapped assortment includes a lovely combination of cherry, strawberry, tangerine, lemon, fruit punch, pineapple and coconut to deliver all the tropical flavors of true paradise. Made with all natural extracts these candies are fun for popping in one by one or mixing and matching for a buttery blast of fruity flavor.

    Portland, OR
  • Artisan:
  • Made OF:
    Sugar, Glucose, Butter, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Vegetable Extracts.
  • SIZE:
    7 oz

I had a dream once when I was a kid that I could fly and it was so real that when I woke up I jumped off our roof, spread my wings and sprained my ankle. Not the same result Jami Curl got when she dreamt that she had crafted a candy much like the popular Starburst but without artificial flavoring and with minimal ingredients. The difference between our dreams being that hers came true, no one got hurt, and we all get to revel in the good results. When she wrote down the details of her dream and hit the kitchen the outcome became exactly what she had dreamt: Starburst without the corn syrup and food coloring but with all of the flavor that a fruity and chewy candy should have. They are fun to munch on at the movies or to feature on the dessert table at a party you’re hosting. They also make great gifts – a cute addition on top of a wedding present or a sweet gift for a friend who graduated or just got their dream come true job.




Jami found her sweet spot for candy at a young age, when her chocolate loving mother would hide chocolates all over the house to keep Jami and her sister from getting to her beloved stash. But even more than Mom, Jami’s Grandmother Dot was a huge inspiration and impetus for Jami’s journey to make candies for a living. Grandma Dot would put chocolate on everything – long before people and companies were coating chips, candies, etc with chocolate. And she would make candies from scratch, teaching Jami that there was nothing that couldn’t be done when it came to sweets.

Jami began by opening her first bakery and spending years honing her craft and making life long friends along the way. Her best friend was her cashier, two women she had hired became the illustrator and styling of a book Jami wrote, and a woman she hired on a whim is now her business partner at Quin.

Quin gets it’s name from one of Jami’s favorite sprinkles – a little a flat pastel circle that resembles a wafer – and it was Jami’s way of connecting her first business at the bakery to her latest livelihood. She is most proud of her lollipops where you can see the actual fruit inside – she isn’t sure how she made that work but she did! She also takes great pride in every beautiful flavor of her Dream Come Chews.

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