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  • Asiago Black Pepper Cheesy Puffs
  • Asiago Black Pepper Cheesy Puffs
  • Asiago Black Pepper Cheesy Puffs

Asiago Black Pepper Cheesy Puffs

$ 5.50

These delicate and handcrafted cheesy puffs are out of this world. Made with completely all-natural ingredients and without any artificial flavoring, each puff bursts with asiago cheese flavor with a nuance of romano and cheddar. It pairs gorgeously with hints of black pepper, leaving an exciting and lingering bite at the finish. The natural flavors make these puffs a happy and healthful snack.

“A crunchy and cheesy puff that will turn you off Cheetos Forever”




Jack Kuo decided in 2014 that the world was ready for handcrafted Cheese Puffs that weren’t Cheetos. He began to demo his puffs at local grocery stores and farmers markets and after some major success and an award at a Food Pitch Competition, Kuo now has a “micro cheesy puffery,” a 1,000 sq. foot factory for his puffs. He has a long list of future flavors he plans on tweaking and ultimately introducing the world to! When asked to give advice to new food businesses, his response: “Be cheesy. I am cheesy and corny and it seemed to work well for me.”

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