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  • Mint Nib Chocolate Crunch Bar
  • Mint Nib Chocolate Crunch Bar

Mint Nib Chocolate Crunch Bar

$ 9.00

A delicious hand crafted chocolate bar with refreshing hints of mint and satisfying crunches of cocoa. With all-natural dark chocolate combined with bits of cocoa and natural peppermint, this heavenly chocolate bar carries a crispy and polished taste with each bite.

    Southampton, NY
  • Artisan:
    Hampton Chocolate Factory
  • Made OF:
    Dark Chocolate (cacao beans, cacao butter, pure cane sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), cocoa nibs, natural peppermint oil
  • SIZE:
    2.1 oz

The best thing about this particular chocolate bar is that it doesn’t taste like anything and everything you can purchase at a convenience store. It doesn’t have that chocolate overload taste that many common candy bars do, but more of a delicate and smooth flavor that leaves you wanting more. And I don’t feel bad having more because the dark chocolate is super rich in antioxidants, which relieves stress, which makes it okay for me to eat more chocolate! We at EatFeedLove are big fans of any artisans that work toward something other than solely pure profit and Evan and Caroline feel the same, which is why we love their chocolate factory. They donate a portion of their sales to The Peconic Land Trust, which is a fundraiser to help maintain and conserve the land of the Hampton’s. So with their help, ours and yours, we are together working towards conserving beautiful land, feeding the hungry, and eating beautiful chocolates all at the same time! Super sweet if you ask me.




Evan Gappelberg did not start his career anywhere near a Chocolate Factory, but right smack in the middle of Wall Street where he was a successful stockbroker in the 1990’s. From there he leapt into the booming phase of the video game industry and started a successful company called “Take Two Interactive Software.” An obvious trend setter and seeker, Gappelberg thought it might be a sweet idea to reinvent the trend of chocolate by starting a company in the town he lived in with his family: on the upscale sands of the Hamptons. “The Hampton Chocolate Factory was born out of the idea that the Hamptons needed an artisanal chocolate brand to get behind, something local, something delicious, something exclusive, something that could be indulgent and cool, just like the Hamptons,” Gappelberg says. And with the perfect partner, Evan’s wife, Caroline, they have embarked on building a business and a brand with the world’s best chocolatiers, including the former pastry chef from Daniel Boulud. With the success of their delectable and interesting artisanal chocolates, Evan and Caroline hope to open their own real life retail chocolate factory in the Hampton’s in the near future.

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