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  • Wheat and Malt Pancake Mix
  • Wheat and Malt Pancake Mix
  • Wheat and Malt Pancake Mix

Wheat and Malt Pancake Mix

$ 8.00

Whole wheat flour and malt powder give these light and fluffy pancakes a nutty and savory flavor. With a comforting ease in the simple preparation the end result is a plate of golden brown pancakes made with whole ingredients that never compromise quality or taste. Eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and top with berries, maple syrup or butter. Any which way you eat them it will be a delightful and tasty meal.

    Petoskey, Michigan
  • Artisan:
    American Spoon
  • Made OF:
     Unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, malt powder, aluminum free baking powder (calcium phosphate, baking soda, cornstarch), salt.
  • SIZE:
    1 lb

Pancakes have been a part of our history for what, 5,000 plus years? More? I know ancient Greeks and Romans enjoyed themselves a pancake, I know the first American cookbook published in 1796 had a few recipes for pancakes (Johny cake and Hoe Cake), and I know that pancakes are a tradition that remains a staple of American breakfast in today’s day and age. And I know that I want some right now. American Spoon has taken the phrase “move over Bisquik” to a whole new level. First of all, the packaging is oh so adorable. It appears vintage and comes in a tan cloth bag with handwriting on the front and makes me feel like I’m in a little cottage on a farm. There are simple recipes on the bag that American Spoon has offered and the ease of making breakfast will comfort even the crankiest of early risers (proven fact by me). They are delicious when made the old fashioned way but we got a little creative over in our Eat Feed Love kitchen and used the mix as a batter to deep fry bacon wrapped sausages in. We ended up with a classy and plump platter of “pigs in a pancake.” We highly recommend it for a night of fun finger foods and appetizers.




In 1981, Justin Rashid, a mushroom, nuts and berry purveyor, and Larry Forgione, a renowned chef, shared a dream. They both envisioned crafting and producing the finest fruit preserves that Northern Michigan fruit had to offer. Putting their heads and their dreams together, Larry created an original recipe using the superb selections of fruit that Justin plucked and they began their journey to creating the tangible version of their dream, named “American Spoon.” Their first kitchen had old-fashioned copper kettles and wooden spoons and the essence of their vintage-style company was born. Almost thirty years later, Justin and his wife Kate, along with the help of their son, Noah, are running American Spoon. A small family-run business, they maintain great pride in the relationships they sustain with each other and with the local farmers. They have worked hard to build personal relationships with Michigan fruit growers and to maintain their small business feel. Their hard work has paid off as they have won several “Good Food Awards” and a “Sofi” award for their outstanding products. To this day they still pick and prepare their fruit by hand and cook in large copper kettles. The culture of American Spoon is not just about a company but also about family, farming, relationships and tradition.

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