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  • Watermelon Rock Candy
  • Watermelon Rock Candy

Watermelon Rock Candy

$ 5.00

These nostalgic candies have the sweet summer tastes of juicy watermelon all wrapped up into a handful of hard candies. Crafted completely by hand you can taste the pure ingredients and the refreshing and familiar flavors of ripe watermelon in each piece of candy. A terrific treat for a gift bag or the perfect snack to suck on when you’re sick of mints and want to add a little fruity flavor to your day.

    Tallahassee, FL
  • Artisan:
  • Made OF:
    Organic Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural colors, Natural Watermelon Flavor.
  • SIZE:
    3 oz

Who’s ready for the comeback of rock candy?! I am! And once you taste Raley’s scrumptious hard candies you will be, too. A dying breed of candy, rock candy is something of the past, a treat my parents and grandparents are sure to know a ton about, and something that would make your kids say, “huh?” But Wes from Raley’s is sure to bring the popularity of rock candy back into the game, into movie theatres and, more importantly, into our bellies. His candies are not only super scrumptious but they’re also are nostalgic and FUN. This watermelon flavor not only tastes like watermelon but there’s an adorable picture of one on each candy to extra exemplify that you are eating something that tastes just like it looks. It’s like a watermelon sans the seeds and that chef’s knife that it takes to slice one open! Suck on that for a bit!



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