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  • Acai + Pineapple Dried Fruit

Acai + Pineapple Dried Fruit

$ 2.50

This wild superfruit will nourish your soul and sustain the rainforest all at the same time. Made from 100% organic fruit there are more than 35 acai berries packed in every strip. The berries are blended with chunky bits of pineapple and then slow dried to deliver zingy flavors that will sweeten your smile brighten your day. It’s rich with antioxidants, amino acids, and healthy omegas and will satisfy your soul when you need a little sweetness in life.

    St. Akron, Ohio
  • Artisan:
    Peaceful Fruits
  • Made OF:
    Organic Acai Berries, Organic Pineapple, Organic Pear.
  • SIZE:

Quick history lesson: Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a South American palm tree that produces royal purple berries that are fertile with anti-oxidants and good-for-you nutrients. Massive parts of the Amazon have been disappearing due to unsustainable farming and logging and the demand for acai berries could help rebuild the rainforest slowly but surely. Peaceful Fruits gathers berries that are harvested wild in the Amazon rainforest and has a beautiful mission to give us food that nourishes our bodies and our planet. Even their packaging is compostable (but don’t eat it, it won’t taste good). So, we really don’t need another reason to love these acai strips – but we have one anyway. They are delicious! Sometimes a “taste of nature” can mean that something tastes like bark or dirt, but these dried fruit snacks are sweet and fresh and puts you right on a tropical island. Take these with you on a hike or a long walk in the park and you will really be one with nature. Go ahead, eat something delicious and nutritious AND save the rainforest, I dare you!




Evan Delahanty grew up with do-gooders. As a child, his mother was very involved in their community and his father was a doctor who helped people with terrible injuries to walk again. Inspired by his parents, Evan had the drive to help others enjoy the opportunity and privileges that he had growing up. After working in a warehouse in Suriname moving screws around with efficiency he decided to put his work towards his drive to help others by becoming the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Peaceful Fruits.

Peaceful Fruits is a for-profit organization with a goal to help save the rainforest and employ people with jobs and financial stability at the same time. By providing people with snacks made of Acai, Peaceful Fruits is helping protect the traditional land of the Amazon by planting on land that has been defrosted.

Evan hopes mostly to bring awareness and education about how we can all be a part of saving our environment but, being from Ohio, he also hopes to be able to coin the phrase: “LeBron James, Goodyear Tire, and Peaceful Fruits!

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