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Written by: Yummy Matters

Nov 01, 2015

dias de los muertos

Who doesn’t want a reason to party?! Well it’s that time again! Party on with all of your loved ones that may have been sent up to the big guy a bit too soon!  Dia de Los Muertos is upon us! Also known as Day of the Dead, this special holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico and other countries honoring the death of loved ones. 

The celebration begins October 31st and continues through November 2nd. The belief is that heaven’s gates open at midnight on October 31, and the spirits of deceased children are able to reunite with their families and friends for 24 hours on earth. On November 2, it is the adults turn to come down and enjoy the festivities prepared for them. 

Get ready to party on and give the spirits all their favorites by following the steps below!

STEP ONE: First off, since this is traditionally a Mexican holiday, and a holiday isn’t a holiday without food, go hook yourself up with some amazing Mexican cuisine! Bring on the tacos, burritos, guac, all of it! Gimme, Gimme! Need some ideas? We have some awesome mexican recipes if you need a little help ;)

STEP TWO:  Think of your loved ones that have passed, and gather up all of their favorite things!  From candy to tequila, and possibly tacos...hmmmm, did i say tacos again?! Prep it all together and get ready to give them what they loved most. 

STEP TWO: Now that you look like you've just robbed a small super market, it’s time to build an ofrenda or altar. This is typically a little table where all of the goodies live during the festivities. Decorate the altar with bright colors, beads, ribbon, glitter, or flowers (marigolds if possible). Bonus points for setting up your ofrenda in their favorite spot, such as grandpas favorite ol' football field.

STEP THREE: Bring on the candy!!! It's time for the sugar skulls, also known as calaveras. When it comes to Dias de los Muertos, these lil sweeties steal the show. Not only are they beautiful, but they are super yummy too! Decorate them up, place them on the altar, and dive in. 

STEP FOUR: Get the party started! Invite all of your friends and family to welcome your loved ones. The belief is that if you keep the spirits happy, they'll bring good luck and protection... sooo let the bribery begin!